Situation of Children with HIV in Indonesia

Vacancy for “Consultant” Preparation of Country Snapshot Situation of Children with HIV in Indonesia

The Indonesia AIDS Coalition (IAC)intends to conduct a large-scale comprehensive study of the situation of children living with HIV in Indonesia to determine the magnitude of the current problem of children living with HIV in Indonesia, identify the problems faced by children, families, and communities. and the community in responding to this problem, identify the response of the health sector and the community, assess a comprehensive service model for children with HIV and identify successful good practices, or areas that can be further developed, as well as provide recommendations to the government, NGOs, and cooperation partners other appropriate strategies to support and improve the situation of children living with HIV in Indonesia.

1. Duties and Responsibilities of the Consultant:


  • • Conduct consultative meetings with related parties, especially the Steering Committee
  • • Develop a research framework and conduct a desk review
  • • Propose intervention areas based on reliable analysis
  • • Develop data collection plans, research protocols and data collection tools, as well as data collection methods
  • • Ensure the study is in accordance with human rights principles and the researcher’s code of ethics, including ensuring Ethical Clearence from an authorized institution
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Study Implementation

  • • Perform data retrieval
  • • Verify and validate data
  • • Perform Data Analysis
  • • Conducting consultations with the Steering Committee

Reports and Dissemination

  • • Prepare a comprehensive Country Snapshot report on the Situation of Children with HIV in Indonesia, accompanied by recommendations for follow-up.
  • • Disseminate to related parties.
  • • Ensure this report can be published internationally (ISBN, etc.)

2. Qualifications:

  1. 1) Is an individual/institution engaged in social, public health, human rights. Preference will be given to those engaged in HIV and AIDS, specifically the issue of Children with HIV.
  2. 2) Deep understanding on the issues in the community
  3. 3) The organization or institution has been registered with a legal entity at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights
  4. and has the NPWP
  5. 4) Experience in conducting research and mastering various research methods and supported by key research resources (research coordinator, senior researcher, junior researcher, epidemiologist, data analyst, etc.).
  6. 5) Have the capacity and experience in coordinating with stakeholders at national and international levels related to public health and human rights issues, preferably related to children living with HIV
  7. 6) Responsible for and committed to implementing the entire series of Country Snapshots on the Situation of Children with HIV in the implementation period that will be mutually agreed upon.
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1. Proposal’s Registration Procedure

The Prospective Consultants should submit the following documents:

  1. 1) Letter of Interest
  2. 2) Curriculum Vitae (including at least 3 references)
  3. 3) NPWP
  4. 4) Proposal, which includes:
  • • Introduction (background, brief analysis of the problem)
  • • Methodology (based on theory/references used; population sample design used; inclusion and exclusion criteria; duration of implementation and details of research protocol methods used in implementation to analyse and validation of assessment results)
  • • Dissemination Strategy
  • • Expected fee
  1. 5) Examples of similar work (study results, journals, articles, etc.)

All documents should be sent to [email protected] before March 19, 2022, 23:59 WIB with the email subject: Recruitment of Consultant for Study on Children with HIV.

TOR can be download here

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