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Opportunity to Join the IAC Campaign Program

The Indonesia AIDS Coalition is a community-based organization that contributes to increase transparency, accountability, and community participation in AIDS programs through collaboration with various stakeholders, both government and non-government.

To support advocacy work and capacity building for the community, IAC intervenes using social media to disseminate information. In disseminating information to the public in general and the community in particular, it requires content that is appropriate to the appropriate issues, both narratively and visually creative and planned.

Currently IAC requires Public Campaign staff with the following duties:

  • 1. Have visual communication design skills;
  • 2. Have experience managing campaign programs both online and offline including through the latest social media;
  • 3. Have creativity in designing, processing, and optimizing the issue of HIV AIDS for public campaign programs;
  • 4. Have the ability as a content creator (please provide portfolio);
  • 5. Have popular writing skills (please provide portfolios);
  • 6. Has basic and advanced design capabilities (including video editing, photos), including using social media applications (please portfolios);
  • 7. Able to work in teams and complete work according to agreed deadlines;
  • 8. Have an interest and commitment in social campaigns, especially the issue of HIV AIDS;
  • 9. Willing to work full-time for a period of time (minimum 6 months or more as agreed);
  • 10. Domicile in Jabodetabek;
  • 11. Parts of HIV-affected communities or disability communities are preferred;
  • 12. Have an understanding of HIV issues and HIV-affected populations;
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The following cover letter application CV and portfolio along with salary expectations are sent to email: [email protected] with subject “PKMIAC” at the latest March 19, 2022 at 23:59 WIB.

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