Open Tender Equipment Provision – Laptops

Open Tender Equipment Provision – Laptops

The Indonesia AIDS Coalition, here in after referred to as “IAC”, intends to invite prospective bidders through tender process to submit a bid for the items described in the requirement detail attached to this letter as Annex I.

This Request for Quotation document consist of;
– Section 1 : This Invitation to Bid document
– Section 2 : RFQ Instruction and Data
– Annex I : Technical Specifications & Delivery Requirements
– Annex II : Bid Submission Form
– Annex III : Technical & Financial Offer
– Annex IV : Bank Details Form
– Annex V : Shipping Schedule

When preparing your bid, please follow instructions state in Section 2, Quotation must be submitted using Annex II, Bid Submission Form and Annex III, Technical & Financial Offer. Please also attached your Bank Details Form in Annex IV signed by authorized representative of your company.

The conditions set out in the Terms and Conditions for Procurement of Goods, as well as any other conditions contained in or enclosed with this letter, will become part of any contract concluded with the successful bidder. If your offered is accepted, you will receive a formal Purchase Order.

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Submission of Your Offer
For this RFQ, offer should be emailed to [email protected] , please be informed to set password for the bid documents and share the password to the email above, on the Bid opening date.

Detail Full RFQ download

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