Rekrutmen Technical Officer Swakelola

Rekrutment Tata Kelola

Setelah terpilih menjadi Principal Recipient (PR) The Global Fund-ATM, Indonesia AIDS Coalition (IAC) akan mengimplementasikan program Penguatan Sistem Komunitas dan Hak Asasi Manusia (Community System Strengthening-Human Rights/CSS-HR). Salah satu aktivitas yang akan dijalankannya adalah melakukan advokasi anggaran khusus untuk program penanggulangan HIV bagi Organisasi Masyarakat Sipil (OMS) lokal melalui mekanisme Swakelola. Indonesia sebagai negara dengan […]

Opportunity to Join the IAC Campaign Program

Vacancy content creator

The Indonesia AIDS Coalition is a community-based organization that contributes to increase transparency, accountability, and community participation in AIDS programs through collaboration with various stakeholders, both government and non-government. To support advocacy work and capacity building for the community, IAC intervenes using social media to disseminate information. In disseminating information to the public in general […]

Vacancy Eksternal Auditor

The Indonesian AIDS Coalition (IAC) was founded in 2011. While still young, we have made significant leaps and bounds in our performance. Our goal is to keep striving for improvement. IAC has developed into an organization PLWHA capable of mobilizing the community to conduct campaigns and advocacy to fulfil the basic rights of PLWHA and […]